Complete Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi rollout

Complete Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi rollout

Are you worried that you must cut all ties with your family and friends while on the plane? These problems have been there in the past few days, but most airlines have installed Wi-Fi on their flights so that their passengers don't get bored and get connected to their loved ones, and Spirit Airlines is no different. Ultra-low-cost-carrier airlines are now offering internet connections to their valued customers.

Next time you fly with Spirit Airlines, don't stress about having no internet connection on the plane. You can call the Spirit Airlines customer service number at  1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA) to get any kind of assistance regarding your trip arrangements. You can access the Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi connection and enjoy all the facilities on your phone, tab or any other device. You can read about the complete Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi rollout below.

Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi: What You Should Know?

The Internet has become an important part of our lives, and thinking about travelling by plane without the Internet feels stressful. But not anymore with Spirit Airlines, which has completed installing the High-speed Wi-Fi connection with the help of which the passengers can enjoy every moment of their journey.

The Airline has partnered with Thales to provide fast video streaming capabilities to its travellers. Feel free to contact the airlines on Spirit Airlines' phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA) to get all the detailed information about their flights and services. Here are some information about the internet services of Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi offers gate-to-gate connectivity. It means that the moment you get onboard, you will connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • If you are unhappy with the Airline's internet services, then you can fill out the form at their official website under the Contact Us section and see if you can submit a request to seek a refund from Spirit Airlines.
  • You can enjoy the Wi-Fi connection throughout your journey, so you can watch your favourite shows online or book a cab before landing.
  • Spirit Airlines Internet services use SES-17 Satellite System that gives fantastic coverage across Latin America, the US, and the Caribbean with fast services.

How to Connect to Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi?

To enjoy all the facilities of Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi service, you just have to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • First, you must turn on your Airplane mode when you board the flight.
  • Now, iPhone users can swipe up and open the control centre, after which they can enable the Wi-Fi, or if you are an Android user, go to the Notification panel to do the same.
  • Scan the QR code, which you can find on the back of the seat, on the tray table in front of you or on the back of the Spirit A La Smarte menu and proceed further.
  • You will find a 'Spirit_Wifi' in the list of Networks after scanning.
  • If the site isn't working, then enter the URL manually.
  • After clicking on the Spirit_WiFi tab, you will be led to
  • Select the plan; now, to purchase the service, you must make a payment or enter the Spirit Wi-Fi voucher code. 
  • Enjoy the Wi-Fi services on your device throughout your travel with Spirit Airlines.

What are the Different Plans Available for Spirit InFlight Wi-Fi?

Spirit Airlines offers different plans of InFlight Wi-Fi for different types of 

passengers. Spirit acknowledges that every individual has different needs regarding internet connection. Some like to use basic information or just to connect to the world; others may need it for more than that. Here are the plans available for Spirit Inflight Wi-Fi:

  • Surfing: Those users who would like to stay connected with those on land via email, chat or social media can opt for the plan that starts from $3.99. The internet connection from this plan will help you scroll your Instagram, check your online messages, and browse the Internet.
  • Online streaming: Not everyone is satisfied by browsing the Internet; few like to check on their favourite shows, and especially when the flight is hours long, what could be better than engaging in a binge-watching session? So, for that, the passengers can go for the Spirit's Streaming plan, which will cost more than $6.99, and the speed of this plan is 20x faster than the browsing plan. This plan is ideal for those who don't want to miss their favourite shows, movies, and games.

What are the Benefits of Connecting to Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi?

When travellers find out they have to pay for Spirit Wi-Fi plans per device, they get confused about whether these plans are worth spending money on. 

So, here we are to help you out with all the benefits of the Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi connection on the flight; take a look at the below points to get detailed information:

  •  Long flights get boring alone, but not when you have an internet-flight connection. 
  • You can browse the Internet, get in touch with your family, chat with your friends, and watch shows online.
  • You can also check your flight status using the Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can also book the hotels and cabs before landing to save you time.


Technology is growing, and so is the Aviation industry. With the combination of these two, we are free to use the Wi-Fi connection on flights. Spirit Airlines is offering its passengers the facility of In-Flight Wi-Fi, allowing them to connect to their loved ones throughout their flight, browse the Internet, check their social media accounts, and watch online streaming shows without any problem. So, why delay? Select the best plan for your preference and enjoy your flight with added Wi-Fi service.

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