How do I select seats on Spirit Airlines?

How do I select seats on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is known for its low fares and lots of vacation flights. When you fly Spirit, selecting your seat and most other services will cost you extra because of their pricing model. 

Choosing a seat is essential for a peaceful flight. When you're flying with Spirit Airlines and want to travel with your travel companion, you'll want to start the Spirit Airlines seat selection process. With multiple seating options, you can choose what's right for you.

Whether you like standard seats or extra legroom, you have many options to choose from and complete your journey comfortably.

Here's what you need to know about Spirit Airlines seat selection, including the types of seats available and their prices.

How to Choose Seats on Spirit Airlines?

Here's a step-by-step guide to picking your seats on Spirit flights. When booking or after buying a ticket, passengers can pick a seat. Let's look at these methods in more detail.

When you make a reservation,

  • Check out Spirit Airlines' website
  • Find flights using the search engine that provides the details you requested.
  • Select the right option and move on to the seat selection.
  • Take a look at the seat map.
  • Check out the seat availability and reserve your seats.

Once you've booked a flight,

  • You can reserve your seats through "My Trips" once you've confirmed your flight.
  • Click here to go to
  • On the homepage, click "My Trips.".
  • You can log in with your credentials or find your trip with your details.
  • Find the "Spirit Airlines seat selection" option in your reservation details.
  • Ensure a comfortable flight by picking your seat and paying for it right away.
  • These quick steps will help you pick your seats. Get in touch with the airline assistants to book your seats.

The Spirit Airlines seat selection guide!

Spirit Airlines has a strict seat selection policy, but everyone should be aware of it. Make sure you know Spirit Airlines' seat selection policy before you start.

  • Spirit Airlines has a limited number of seats. To fly with a companion, passengers must pick their favorite seat.
  • If you don't pick your seats in advance, you'll get a random seat at check-in.
  • Flight attendants will try to make you sit together if you're with a kid 13 or younger.
  • Spirit Airlines' seat selection fee starts at $5. Depending on where you are on the flight and your route, the fee will vary.
  • When booking online, through My Trips, or during check-in, you can see the seat selection fee.
  • Also, if you want a little more, you need to get Big Front Seats.
  • These are leather deluxe seats in the first row. These seats have 32% more legroom.

What are the Spirit Airlines Seating Options?

Spirit Airlines offers multiple seating options to suit everyone's tastes. Whether you want a Big Front Seat or a Standard one, the airline has something for everyone. Here's detailed info about Spirit Airlines' seating choices before you go further with the selection process.

Big Front Seats

Located at the front of the plane, these seats are the best option if you don't want to compromise on comfort. With these seats, you'll land totally refreshed in spite of how long your flight is. You'll get a chair and a small table for your essentials.

Premium Seats

Premium seats are behind the Big Front Seats and have more legroom. You can stretch your legs to finish your journey in comfort. Flyers with premium seats get a small table too. Therefore, these are perfect seats for people who want extra comfort but don't want to pay for Big Front Seats.

Standard Seats

The standard seats have enough legroom to make your journey comfortable. You can choose these seats at low fares when booking flight tickets or via My Trips.

Exit Row Seats

Spirit Airlines lets you pick exit row seats too. However, these seats come with extra responsibilities. If there's an emergency, you have to be able to operate the emergency exit.


Are you ready to pick your seat? If you wish to have an enjoyable flight experience, you must select your seats in advance and be confident when boarding the flight. You can choose your seat from different options so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Are you still here? Choose your preferred option now to navigate the sky easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to select a seat on Spirit Airlines?
Ans. Yes, you have to select a seat on Spirit Airlines, but sometimes, they offer you a seat during the check-in without letting you pay any charges. If you are not fine with the Spirit Airlines seat selection, you can reach them during your check-in and change your seat. If you don't select any seat, Spirit Airlines will offer you a seat randomly, but it's better for you if you have already done this.
Q. What is the price for selecting a Spirit Airlines seat?
Ans. The Spirit Airlines seat selection price varies according to your class. You can purchase a seat at just $5, which goes up to $200. Big Front Seats range from $12 to $750 per route and are pricier for the extra space. It's also possible to upgrade to a big front seat on the day of your flight to save money, but there's always a chance it won't be available.
Q. How can I select a seat on Spirit Airlines?
Ans. Seat selection on Spirit Airlines is an easy process. For this, you can call the Spirit Airlines customer service by dialing 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA). If this option doesn't work for you, you can choose to chat with the representative using the live chat option. It is available on the official website of Spirit Airlines, or you can choose to mail them. 

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