Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Are you packing for a flight with Spirit Airlines? Here we are to help you with a complete informative tour of the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. So that you don't have to pay any additional charges and pack according to the rules and regulations, you can call Spirit at their customer care number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA) to learn the basic framework of their policy.

Although Spirit Airlines has always been thoughtful about the customer's requirements and needs, because of which they have always introduced a few customer-friendly policies, there are some restrictions following which you will not face any kind of problem while flying with Spirit.

What is Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy?

While packing for any travel, the passenger will like to bring all the necessary products with them, leading to overstuffing your luggage. That is why it is important to prioritize necessity over pleasure, which will be helpful for you to cut off some additional charges on oversized or overweight bags.

You can make a call to the customer care number of Spirit Airlines at 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA), which will enable you to talk to one of their live agents and communicate your issue with the agent straight away.

Most importantly, remember to keep the guidelines of Spirit Airlines' baggage policy in mind while packing:

  • Spirit Airlines allows every passenger to check in with five bags only.
  • Passengers who are Free Spirit Gold status members can carry one checked bag and a carry-on bag for free.
  • Military officials who are on duty can carry one personal item, one carry-on bag, and two checked bags for free.
  • Standard bag fees can be paid online, at the airport, or via call with Spirit Airlines.

Sport items

Standard checked baggage rates will be charged for golf clubs, ski equipment, and snowboards. For any further queries related to the sports equipment on the flight, you can visit the official website of Spirit Airlines, where you can see which sports items are allowed at what charges.

Musical Instrument

Carrying your musical instrument along with you on a flight is allowed, but you must pay some additional charges depending on the size of your instrument. You may have to book an extra seat if the instrument is bigger in size.

Carry-on Economy

You can bring your personal items on our flights for free according to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, but you have to pay for the standard carry-ons; the charges incurred on carry-on bags are:

  • You can pay from $59 to $68 if you are Spirit Savers Club
  • For standard passengers, the rates on carry-on are between $60 and $69.

Size of Carry-on

Spirit Airlines allows carry-on bags that are a maximum of 22 x 18 x 10 inches in which the handle and the wheels of your bags are included. But if there isn't enough space in flight for your carry-on bags, they will be considered checked bags. Your bag weight must be 16 kg or less.

Size of Checked bags

The size of your check must be within 158 cm/ 62 in (L+W+H) in dimensions. You are allowed to carry the checked bag weighing not more than 100 pounds (45 kg).

Items not allowed

Spirit Airlines does not allow passengers to carry any kind of dangerous items on flights, including:

  • Ammunition
  • Nail Guns
  • Axes
  • Guns
  • Fireworks

What are the Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees?

While traveling with Spirit Airlines, if passengers carry oversized or overweight baggage, the airlines charge additional fees. If you have any further queries or any issues regarding the baggage fee, you can consult the Spirit Airlines agent at 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA), to which the agent will reply to you accordingly.

The fees charged by Spirit when the bag exceeds the limited size and weight are:

  • Bags weighing over 41 to 50 lb will cost more than $50 per bag.
  • Bags weighing over 51 to 100 lb will cost more than $75 per bag.
  • If the bag size exceeds 63 to 80 inches, then the charges will start at $100 per bag.


All passengers about to travel with Spirit Airlines must go through the guidelines and information above, which will help you pack your checked and carry-on bags according to the Spirit Airlines baggage policy. 

You can check all the rules and regulations, items prohibited, and the size and weight of the bags allowed on the flight. If you bring oversized and overweight luggage, the charges incurred by Spirit Airlines are also mentioned above.

If you would like to talk to the representative of Spirit Airlines and seek their assistance regarding their baggage policy to make your work easier, you can call their customer service number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA).

Thank You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Spirit Airlines offer complimentary checked baggage?
Ans. No, complimentary checked baggage is not a feature of Spirit Airlines. They charge for checked and carry-on bags, which allows them to maintain cheap base ticket costs.
Q. How big and heavy may a carry-on luggage on Spirit Airlines get?
Ans. Spirit lets guests bring one complimentary personal item, but it has to fit into their sizer box (small purse or bag). Anything bigger will cost extra, even a regular carry-on bag. When you purchase the carry-on allowance, there are expenses associated with it; booking your travel early is the most affordable alternative. It's advisable to check Spirit's website directly [Can I bring a carry-on bag on Spirit Airlines?] for size and weight limits.
Q. What personal belongings are allowed on Spirit Airlines?
Ans. Apart from your own personal item, Spirit permits the free use of specific items such as diaper bags, umbrellas, cameras, assistance devices, coats, reading materials, and food for the journey.  These things can't be bigger than what is allowed for a personal item.
Q. Is it possible to bring a stroller or car seat on Spirit Airlines?
Ans. Wheelchairs, car seats, and strollers may occasionally be checked or transported for free. The easiest approach to find out the most recent policies is to contact Spirit directly [How much does Spirit charge for bags?].

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