Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Are you worried about your mobility needs with an Airline? Don't worry when dealing with Spirit Airlines, who are always ready to go beyond the boundaries to help their passengers. Spirit Airlines understands the inconvenience of those who can't travel without the wheelchair facilities.

The Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance program is a customer-friendly policy that will significantly help. This policy aims to ensure seamless journeys for all those who have special needs. You can get the benefits of these policies and make your travel comfortable and pleasant.

What are the guidelines for Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

Spirit Airlines is working hard to make its passengers' experience with them pleasant and seamless. When the Airline offers its services to everyone, then it needs to pay extra attention to those who have special requirements. If someone with a disability plans to book a flight with Spirit, you can request them under Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance and ensure the best and smooth travel with Spirit. Here are some guidelines that will be of a lot of help:

  • Requests for wheelchair assistance can be made online, by phone, or at the airport.
  • Always try to schedule the wheelchair service in advance to avoid any issue erupting at the last moment.
  • Wheelchairs or any assistance device must be used as checked luggage.
  • All those who are requesting a wheelchair from Spirit must reach the airport at least two hours before the departure of the domestic flight and three hours before the departure of the international flight.
  • If you need wheelchair assistance outside of your terminal, then you must call your family member to help you at the ticket counter.
  • Service of aisle and onboard wheelchair assistance is also provided by Spirit Airlines.
  • Those requesting wheelchair assistance can get assistance with check-in to restrooms and restaurants and drop off their checked baggage by their dedicated agents.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance to Your Spirit Bookings?

By its customer-friendly policies, Spirit Airlines has proven itself to make its flying experience the best. If you want to add wheelchair assistance with Spirit Airlines, then you can do it through various channels by following some straightforward steps.

Via Official Website: you can add the wheelchair service to your booking with Spirit Airlines easily on their official website; you just have to follow the steps given below to get the help of Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance in no time:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines at www.spirit.com.
  • Please navigate to the My Trip section on the page.
  • Enter your details and your last name.
  • Click on continue, after which you will see your booking details on your screen.
  • Look for the passenger section, and under the additional info tab, click 'add.' 
  • Later, select the wheelchair type and click on submit.

Via Phone: Calling Spirit Airlines on the phone is the most direct way, which helps get assistance from their talented agents. To reach their dedicated department by phone, you can check the official website of Spirit, where you can get their official phone number under the 'contact us' section. After getting the correct phone number from their official website, you can make a call, and after following the IVR prompts, you can simply tell them your requirements, to which the assistance will give you suitable aid.

Can I Request Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport?

Of Course, you can request wheelchair assistance at the airport. If you are at the airport and get the sudden requirement for a wheelchair and are confused about what to do and how to get wheelchair assistance, then the instructions below will help you:

  • It would help if you reached the Airport 2 hours before the departure of your domestic flight and 3 hours before the departure of an international flight.
  • Talk to Spirit Airlines's assistant regarding your situation and the wheelchair assistance at the Spirit ticket counter.
  • Within 20 minutes, the airline executive will help you with the airport's wheelchair assistance.

What Type of Wheelchair Assistance is Offered by Spirit Airlines?

There are multiple types of wheelchair assistance offered by Spirit Airlines to make your travel hassle-free and comfortable. Let's go through the types of assistance provided by the Airline to its passengers:

  • Airport: As per the Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance, an agent will be assigned to you who will be in charge of taking you to the restroom, restaurants, Transportation Security Administration, printing boarding passes, and dropping your luggage, etc.
  • Gate: The Airline's agent will help you reach the gate and keep a tab on you every 30 minutes; if requested, you will board before other guests.
  • Onboard: The flight attendant will not leave you unattended even on the plane and will help you with a lavatory as per the Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance.
  • After reaching the destination, the Airline's staff will assist you after deplaning the last guest and help you with the luggage.


Who wants to miss the chance to visit new places because of this disability? Noone Spirit Airlines acknowledges this problem of differently-abled people and is trying to make its services available to everybody. Under Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance, passengers who have any disability can request from Spirit Airlines for wheelchair assistance for a comfortable and seamless flight. You can clarify all your doubts using all the information mentioned above.

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