What is Spirit Airlines Savers Club?

What is Spirit Airlines Savers Club?

Are you a frequent flyer with Spirit Airlines? Then, you must join the Spirit Airlines Savers Club, where you can get great deals on your itinerary expenses with Spirit Airlines. You can get heavy discounts on your flights, bags, flight flex, shortcut security, shortcut boarding and many more. 

You will get three different types of plans, and you can choose the duration of your membership. This membership will be renewed automatically after your membership ends. To learn more, you are always welcome to contact Spirit at their customer service number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA). Read below to get detailed knowledge about the Savers Club of Spirit.

What is the Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club?

The passengers who are always on the Flight because of their business and personal reasons are few loyal customers of any airline. Spirit Airlines always prioritized travellers' benefits first, which is why they introduced the Spirit Airlines Savers Club, which passengers can join to get huge discounts on their itinerary fares. It will lessen the pressure on the passenger's pocket and make their customer's experience with the airlines more pleasant.

How to Join the Spirit Saver Club?

Do you want to join the Spirit Airlines Saver Club and get the benefits of heavy discounts on your flight booking, seat assignment and bags? Then you can call Spirit Airlines customer care number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA) or follow the steps below, which will help you get the membership of Spirit Savers Club:

  • Visit the official website of the Spirit Airlines at www.spirit.com.
  • Look for the online form for joining the club and fill it out.
  • You can select the membership duration from 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months. 
  • You can choose the best plan that is suitable and gives the best discounts to you.
  • You can pay for your membership in the Savers Club and enjoy all its benefits.

What is the Spirit Savers Club Cost?

To get the lowest price guaranteed with Spirit Savers Club, you must join their club, for which you have to pay the membership fees. This membership will help you save almost $160 per year. The joining fees vary depending on your selection of your membership duration. There are three types of plans to choose from: 

  • To get a 12-month Membership, you have to pay $69.95.
  • To get an 18-month membership, you have to pay $99.90, which you can save $5.
  • To get a 24-month membership, you have to pay @129.90, which can save you $10.
  • The airline will renew your membership after every 12 months. And if you want, then you can cancel your membership whenever you want.

What are the Spirit Saver$ Club Benefits?

You will get multiple benefits from Spirit Airlines from Spirit Savers Club. Here is the list of benefits you will get:

  • Discounts on the Flight, bags, and seats.
  • You will save almost $160 per year on your itinerary expenses.
  • Discount on the added options like shortcut security, shortcut boarding and flight flex.
  • You will also get a special deal available only for Savers Club.
  • You can extend the benefits to you and 8 additional passengers while booking for the same Flight.

How to Use Spirit Saver$ Club Membership?

Once you have joined the membership of Spirit Savers Club, then you are ready to use your club's benefits. When you enter the club, you can start booking your Flight with Spirit online. And you can compare the prices you (membership holder) and the non-member are charged by Spirit Airlines. While selecting your preferred flights on Spirit's official website, check the price calendar. You will get the prices available for Saver Club members. You can also save on bag prices while purchasing it online.

The important thing to note here is that all the benefits and discounts offered by Spirit Saver's Club are accessible only through online booking because the agents at the airport don't have access to the discounts for members.

How do you renew your membership with Spirit Saver$ Club?

You can call customer care at Spirit Airlines customer care number 1 (855) 728-3555 or +1 (844) 5591-876 (OTA) to talk to the Life of the Spirit and seek their assistance to help you renew your membership. Or you can do it by yourself online. 

For renewing your membership with Spirit Savers Club, the following points will help:

  • After 12 months, your annual membership fee will be automatically for better deals.
  • Due to some technical failures or Federal holidays, the billing date may change.
  • To change your credit card on file, you can log in with your Spirit account and update your personal information.


Besides being an ultra-low-cost carrier airline, Spirit also offers additional benefits to its loyal customers through its Spirit Saver Club. After this, the customers get the benefits of comparatively lower prices on seats and bags; moreover, Shortcut security, flight flex, and shortcut boarding are also available. Additionally, there will be more special deals on booking and assigning seats, as well as other things that are only applicable to the members of Spirit Airlines Savers Club. You can get a club membership by paying the fee and making sure of the great deals for you.

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